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March Meet The Maker

March 1st of March Meet The Maker – Branding

Hello! As well as British Pie Week it’s also the first of March and the start of #MarchMeetTheMaker! Today’s insight in to The Berkshire Housewife is #branding so I’ll tell you a little bit about it. I decided to be as honest as possible with it because you’re essentially getting 100% me, teaching you to cook in my own, hopefully easy to understand, way. I wanted to show you that being a home cook doesn’t mean you can’t be as good as the pro chefs and that an everyday person, like me, can help you produce potentially award winning flavours in a home environment. The main point about The Berkshire Housewife is FLEXIBILITY! Quite often, in our home kitchens, we won’t have all the ingredients for a recipe, and we don’t think of the ones that would make an excellent substitute, so my job is to help you, with my 45 years of cooking experience, make yummy food with what you have, no matter what it is! ⠀
I wanted the branding and videos to get that message across, so I hope it effectively shows what you see is what you get 😊 Great recipes you can easily make, with friendly, old me 😁❤️⠀


Published by The Berkshire Housewife

I've been cooking from the age of 6 so decided to share my recipes. Cook along with me & tag #berkshirehousewife in your pics. Good luck & have fun!

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