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March Meet The Maker – Day 3


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Today’s #MarchMeetTheMaker is #BeliefsandValues. I have a lot of reasons for doing what I do but the main one is because of food waste. There’s far too much of it and I’m convinced it’s because people don’t know how flexible their ingredients can be. I’ve always had several uses for each item in my cupboards and fridge, and it’s very, very, very rare that I have anything that’s suitable for only one dish. ⠀
A lot of people throw food away, or don’t get creative with recipes, because they don’t see how they can use items they have (in place of items they don’t have) in a recipe. This is why I love my regular @OddboxLDN box in this picture (yes, I’m evangelical about this today! LOL) because not only does Oddbox rescue absolutely gorgeous, top quality fruit and vegetables that would normally be dumped, it encourages me to be creative in the kitchen, and also try new things! ⠀
As The Berkshire Housewife I’m on a quest to help people look in their cupboards, fridges and freezers and find exciting, delicious, frugal home made meals from what they have, so that’s why, on every video, I ask for your versions of my recipes. I want to learn from you all and to show everyone that a simple item can be many things. An orange could be a tasty snack, or a lovely crepe sauce, or a refreshing salad addition, or its juice can be a fruit salad saver to stop the fruit going brown, or a lovely addition to roasted meats, or sliced and caramelised for lovely bakes, even dried as beautiful Christmas decorations! Oh my goodness I can go on LOL, but the flexibility of each item is what I’m really about. Making your food stretch to more than you ever realised, saving you money and, hopefully, enriching your creativity along the way, is my core belief, and also my goal ♥️

(use this code to get £10 off your first Oddbox order )


Published by The Berkshire Housewife

I've been cooking from the age of 6 so decided to share my recipes. Cook along with me & tag #berkshirehousewife in your pics. Good luck & have fun!

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