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Gourmet Grand Big Mac (UK Version) Recipe

My Gourmet Grand Big Mac

IT’S HERE! THE GOURMET GRAND BIG MAC RECIPE! This is something close to my heart since my father bought me my very first Big Mac in 1978, I was 8 years old and it blew my mind! That special sauce was incredible and, though I’ve tried the rest of the menu, the Big Mac has always been my favourite, like many others. During lockdown we were unable to get any treats delivered from the golden arches and so it was left to birthday treats only, when we would send Simon out to get the goodies because I have had to shield for nearly a year. I finally decided to make my own but none of the recipes out there really made the UK version of the Special Sauce so I decided to take matters in to my own hands, reverse engineer the whole things and finally found the exact Special Sauce that you would find in a Big Mac! So then a really special version of the much loved burger, without losing any of it’s recognisable flavour, and I have to say I am so proud of this, the family went WILD for it and I know you will too! As before, if you do decide to make it please take a photo, send it to me and let me know how it went? I really hope it works for you and that you enjoy it as much as we did! You can get the recipe at this link: so click away for burger heaven!

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I've been cooking from the age of 6 so decided to share my recipes. Cook along with me & tag #berkshirehousewife in your pics. Good luck & have fun!

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