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Baking For Love

I thought I’d enter in to a competition recommended by a friend today, one that sounds right up my street!

It’s called Baking For Love and they want you to post a photo of a bake that you did for love, so I’ve posted one of my hardest bakes I’ve ever done, when I was still a hobby baker, which is the fully edible, absolutely huge, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla sponge (with same flavour buttercream) of a fully 100% edible, Rover’s Return pub from Coronation Street!
This was a real labour of love and made especially for my mother in law, who has been a firm fan of the show for decades and never misses an episode. She’s always incredibly busy but will always find time to catch up on the residents of Weatherfield so I decided on that theme for her 70th birthday cake!
It took me 3 full days of work to do, and I was up until 1am of the morning of the birthday finishing off the tiles on the roof! The next task was to take it, unharmed, on a 3 hour drive from Reading to Derbyshire where my mother in law lives! It was all worth it for the look on my mother in law’s face when she opened the box. The double take will live with me forever! LOL 😂  It was fantastic because I think she was a bit disappointed we were a bit late arriving that day, but when she saw the cake she realised why! LOL
I’m really proud of what I achieved, and of the fact it is all 100% edible, and was happily scoffed at her birthday party! 😊
(N. B. Just for protection from “passing off” I’ve watermarked it with my old company logo of Crumb’s the Word)

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I've been cooking from the age of 6 so decided to share my recipes. Cook along with me & tag #berkshirehousewife in your pics. Good luck & have fun!

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