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Beautiful Inside and Out

Do you want to make STUNNING cupcakes from scratch, but quickly and using really easy techniques? Then this video – – is absolutely perfect for you! It’s ideal for beginners to find out how to recreate gorgeous cupcakes you see in fancy bakeries and tea shops, and all from the comfort of your own home. I will teach you the easiest method to making irresistible cupcakes that almost look too pretty to eat!
Although I am a professional baker I still, vividly, remember my first cupcakes and how long it too me to figure out how to do them, so I want to skip all that hard searching for you and show you right now, with no googling and endless video watching, how to make cupcakes in just one video, in the easiest way I know, to help you create jaw-dropping, edible works of art.

If you are already an accomplished cupcake maker and just want to know how to make and use my buttercream recipe, just click here:

And if you want to only know how to recreate my sugar flowers then just click here:

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Published by The Berkshire Housewife

I've been cooking from the age of 6 so decided to share my recipes. Cook along with me & tag #berkshirehousewife in your pics. Good luck & have fun!

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