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Hearty Mighty Breakfast Muffins

I hope you enjoy the recipe for these really wonderful breakfast muffins. Well, I say breakfast muffins but we eat them at tea time, for snacks, for desserts, anytime really, but they’re choc full of good things and yet taste deliciously naughty! The recipe is from a friend of mine’s mum (Thank you mum ofContinue reading “Hearty Mighty Breakfast Muffins”

Nutella French Toast Rolls With Cinnamon Sugar

Today I’ve posted a recipe for Nutella French Toast Rolls With Cinnamon Sugar. I got this recipe from my children and I have to say it’s very lovely indeed. Check it out at and if you try it let me know how it goes for you!

Lincoln Pie (Creamy, Chocolate Tart)

So my first video for Lincoln Pie is finally up and a bit rough and ready but, like wine, we will get better with time 😉 I am really keen to see any photos of any of my makes and bakes so please do let me know how they all go and I look forwardContinue reading “Lincoln Pie (Creamy, Chocolate Tart)”