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Oats From A Small Island

Need irresistible biscuits in a hurry? Then this is the oaty biscuit for you! It’s golden, crunchy, spiced and the perfect level of sweetness that pleases everyone. They’re so easy to make, with a quick mix, a roll, a squish and then bake and you’ll have gorgeous biscuits to hand out to very grateful people.Continue reading “Oats From A Small Island”

Flapjack Snack Hack

If you want to make some utterly scrumptious flapjacks then look no further! Just check out the recipe here: and you’ll also see my outtakes 😜 If you’ve seen other videos you’ll know I can get my words mixed up but this one went a bit wrong at the end! LOL 🀣 Thankfully noContinue reading “Flapjack Snack Hack”

Fruit And Nut(ella)

Morning! It’s Nutella French Toast Rolls With Cinnamon Sugar for breakfast today (recipe here:, and I love the fact that you can add extras to give it a bit of variety. If it’s a dessert you can add ice cream, and if you want to make these a bit healthier then you can addContinue reading “Fruit And Nut(ella)”

Sarah Smashes It!

I am so chuffed! The brilliant Sarah A made a vegan version of my Gourmet Big Mac and absolutely smashed it! ❀️❀️❀️❀️ Thank you so much for the awesome photo, Sarah and I’m so pleased you liked the recipe, you did an incredible job! 😍😍😍😍 If you want to be like Sarah you can getContinue reading “Sarah Smashes It!”