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Gourmet Grand Big Mac (UK Version) Recipe

IT’S HERE! THE GOURMET GRAND BIG MAC RECIPE! This is something close to my heart since my father bought me my very first Big Mac in 1978, I was 8 years old and it blew my mind! That special sauce was incredible and, though I’ve tried the rest of the menu, the Big Mac hasContinue reading “Gourmet Grand Big Mac (UK Version) Recipe”

McDonald’s Fakeaway Coming Soon!

Something amazing happened today. I created the perfect McDonald’s special Big Mac sauce, from scratch, and it is SO EASY!!! I made it last night to make home made Big Macs (because they don’t deliver here) and we fancy a treat now and again. I am really, really chuffed with the sauce, so I’ll beContinue reading “McDonald’s Fakeaway Coming Soon!”

Chocolate Vs Muffins

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m all chocolated out! 🥵 I will get my sweet hit from my mega tasty muffins and get a bit more goodness today. If you fancy making some of these super easy and hugely delicious muffins yourself you can get the recipe here:

Relaxing With Biscuits

As if I didn’t have enough chocolate yesterday! LOL 😂 I do have a love hate relationship with chocolate though, I have a problem with milk so in order to still get my chocolate hit without milk I think Chocolate Fudge Crinkle Biscuits are the way to go! I need to settle my health toContinue reading “Relaxing With Biscuits”

Happy Birthday Simon! 🎂

I’ve something different for today because… Drum roll please… It’s Simon’s birthday! Yes, I am aware of how apt the date is! LOL This isn’t an April Fool, it’s genuinely my silly husband’s birthday 😁 He specifically asked for my marzipan cake with Cadbury’s chocolate so I made him this cake, covered in chocolate ganacheContinue reading “Happy Birthday Simon! 🎂”

Breakfast Heaven

I think one of my all time favourite meals is a real English Breakfast, I love it for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! I love fried eggs, but I sometimes swap them for scrambled (recipe here What’s your favourite breakfast? And if it’s a full English, what is a must-have on your plate?

Lissy’s Delicious Scrambled Eggs

So you might know how to make scrambled eggs, but you’ve never had MY scrambled eggs! They have a little more to them than your average breakfast staple but they are easy and so worth it! Check out the recipe at this link and see for yourself 😊