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Spaghetti Bolognese Days

BEST SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE RECIPE – EVER! CAN BE VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN TOO! Seriously, it’s so scrumptious that you will want to hide a bit away in the fridge so you can have more later…or is that just me? Hmmm, maybe, but considering my extremely fussy teen children had thirds of this at dinner time thatContinue reading “Spaghetti Bolognese Days”

Want S’More?

My fabulous daughter taught me how to do S’Mores Cones on the bbq! Feel free to give it a try and enjoy! 😎 #food #foodporn #foodie #instafood #foodphotography #foodstagram #yummy #instagood #love #berkshirehousewife #foodblogger #foodlover #smoresconesarelife #smorescones #homemade #fairycakes #photooftheday #picoftheday #Smores #foodgasm #foodies #tasty #cooking #instadaily #chocolate #marshmallows #glaceicing #smoreskit #icecreamcone #summer

Flapjack Be Nimble

I was waiting for The Berkshire Husband to come in from the garden and was sitting in the kitchen at a loose end. I realised I had about 20-30 minutes on my hands so decided to make my way flapjack recipe and pop some melted chocolate on top. I used Butterscotch Flavoured golden syrup thisContinue reading “Flapjack Be Nimble”

Love At First Bite

I need cupcake inspiration! I’ve been playing it safe with flavours for ages now, carrot cake, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, orange, lemon, marzipan etc etc etc, but I’m wanting to be a little different. What flavour do you think would work but people might think it’s crazy? After all, beetroot is great in chocolate cake, andContinue reading “Love At First Bite”

Oats From A Small Island

Need irresistible biscuits in a hurry? Then this is the oaty biscuit for you! It’s golden, crunchy, spiced and the perfect level of sweetness that pleases everyone. They’re so easy to make, with a quick mix, a roll, a squish and then bake and you’ll have gorgeous biscuits to hand out to very grateful people.Continue reading “Oats From A Small Island”