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Flapjack Snack Hack

If you want to make some utterly scrumptious flapjacks then look no further! Just check out the recipe here: and you’ll also see my outtakes 😜 If you’ve seen other videos you’ll know I can get my words mixed up but this one went a bit wrong at the end! LOL 🤣 Thankfully noContinue reading “Flapjack Snack Hack”

No Bikini? Have Martini!

Yesterday’s weather was absolutely horrific!!! My daughter even started to feel Christmassy because it was such a gloomy day! LOL So I had to remind myself that summer will definitely be on its way soon, and the best way to do that was a Strawberry Ice Cream Martini. You can join me in fruity heavenContinue reading “No Bikini? Have Martini!”

Happiness Is Coffee And Cheesecake

Today is National Brother and Sister Day and since I don’t have any siblings I asked my two children what they want to eat to celebrate. They both chose New York Cheesecake (recipe here and who am I to argue? Especially if I get to share! 😉

Comfort On A Plate

It looks like the last of the sun will be today and then it’s rain forecast for a week or two 🌨️ and I think that comfort food is the best way to chase the chilly clouds away, and my meatloaf recipe with mushroom gravy is just what I need to warm me up! YouContinue reading “Comfort On A Plate”