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The Best Marzipan Cake Ever!

Are you ready to try the BEST MARZIPAN CAKE EVER?! Seriously, I am SO proud of this one, I have tried so many other recipes online and I just found them too wet, or too dry, or too eggy and got so fed up that I did my own, and I have not had oneContinue reading “The Best Marzipan Cake Ever!”

Happy Lissy

I cannot tell you how excited I was to see nectarines and passionfruit in my usual Oddbox delivery last week, because it meant that I could make my most favourite thing at the mo, THIS TRIFLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️Omg its like trifle and fruit salad and cheesecake all in one dessert and I LOVE IT! It makesContinue reading “Happy Lissy”

Peach and Passionfruit Trifle

I honestly cannot find the words to tell you just how absolutely DIVINE this dessert is, check it out at this link it takes a matter of minutes to make and is thoroughly addictive! It is supposed to last one day but it didn’t even make the night here! LOL I just want toContinue reading “Peach and Passionfruit Trifle”

The TikTok Pasta Recipe Is Finally Here!

The Tiktok pasta recipe (UK Version) is up! Just click this link for the most delicious and simple pasta recipe you will ever make. It’s cheap, cheerful and a family favourite so check it out and let me know what you think of the dish. Happy cooking my lovelies! 😘

Coming Soon…

I’ll be doing the video for this delicious and easy pasta dish later today so look out for the recipe tomorrow!

Tiktok Pasta Sauce

I was feeling well enough to cook dinner last night and tried the Tiktok pasta sauce recipe. It was a winner! I’ll be doing a video for it shortly with UK measurements (because I could only find US ones so that should make it easier for Brits 😉 ) so look out for it!

Time To Relax

I’m resting up after a really hectic day yesterday, so it’s just going to be a “feet up and tea and birthday cake” day 😊🍰 #organic #cake #love #prettycupcakes #cupcakes #cakes #fortnums #hummingbird #cakeblog #cakeporn #relax #rdg #hummingbirdbakery #shopindepenent #lemon #London #foodies #hobbybaker #foodblog #gloobyfood #lovecake #berkshirehousewife #crumbsthewordbakery #crumbstheword #rdguk #teaparty #peggyporschen #madagascanvanilla

Happy Cakeday! 🎂

Something different today! It’s my daughter’s birthday so I managed to rustle up a cake to celebrate. She said I did even better than the brief so I’m one happy mama! ⭐Happy birthday baby girl! ❤️ #organic #cake #love #prettycupcakes #cupcakes #cakes #fortnums #hummingbird #cakeblog #cakeporn #relax #rdg #hummingbirdbakery #shopindepenent #lemon #London #foodies #hobbybaker #foodblogContinue reading “Happy Cakeday! 🎂”

Happy Valentine’s Day

OK, three guesses as to what I will be drinking today (recipe here if you REALLY can’t guess LOL! 😂😂😂) Happy Valentine’s day’s my lovelies, if you are with someone or on your own make sure you make time for YOU. Make the day whatever you want it to be 💘 Sending lots ofContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”

Easy, Delicious Strawberry Martini

Valentines and Galentines Day are fast approaching and whether you want to treat a loved one, or if that loved one is yourself, then this is ideal for that event! So simple and just so moreish, you cannot go wrong if you want to impress someone with something sexy in a glass! Check out theContinue reading “Easy, Delicious Strawberry Martini”