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Thanks For Pudding Up With Me

HELLOOOOOOO! I am finally back after being very ill. Thankfully it was not Covid related, but I missed you all very much. So I am back and with a new recipe, my much-loved Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding! This is THE BEST Chocolate Bread and Butter pudding you will EVER have! Completely irresistible to everyoneContinue reading “Thanks For Pudding Up With Me”

Eggs-ploring The Perfect Omelette

This is one of the best omelettes you will ever taste (recipe here Why do I know that? Because it pleased not one, but two picky eaters in this house, and one of them doesn’t even like eggs! Both HATE mushrooms and are not that keen on onions and yet when they tried myContinue reading “Eggs-ploring The Perfect Omelette”

… And The Wee Donkey.

I know this isn’t cooking related but… Mate, I’m so excited to find out which SIO is going to be done by AC-12 ASAP, and hope they find H via the CIS from an AM via the PNC when accessed by a UCO and not be shown up by the current DCS thinking WTAF with a CSEContinue reading “… And The Wee Donkey.”

Cracker Bacon Appetisers

These crunchy, moreish, sweet and savoury, little bites are fast, fun and fiendishly addictive! They last well and can be made at least two days in advance and stored in the fridge or freezer, to be brought out on the day of the party (or snack in front of the TV, I certainly won’t judge!Continue reading “Cracker Bacon Appetisers”