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Chocolate Vs Muffins

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m all chocolated out! 🥵 I will get my sweet hit from my mega tasty muffins and get a bit more goodness today. If you fancy making some of these super easy and hugely delicious muffins yourself you can get the recipe here:

Breakfast Heaven

I think one of my all time favourite meals is a real English Breakfast, I love it for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! I love fried eggs, but I sometimes swap them for scrambled (recipe here What’s your favourite breakfast? And if it’s a full English, what is a must-have on your plate?

Hearty Mighty Breakfast Muffins

I hope you enjoy the recipe for these really wonderful breakfast muffins. Well, I say breakfast muffins but we eat them at tea time, for snacks, for desserts, anytime really, but they’re choc full of good things and yet taste deliciously naughty! The recipe is from a friend of mine’s mum (Thank you mum ofContinue reading “Hearty Mighty Breakfast Muffins”