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Time For Comfort Food

It was a bit chilly at the weekend so we warmed up with my Macaroni Cheese recipe (link here: but the weather is due to be really hot and sunny on Tuesday so I guess I should start looking for more summery recipes! I’ve a lovely cocktail one that would be fab to shareContinue reading “Time For Comfort Food”

March Meet The Maker

Hello! As well as British Pie Week it’s also the first of March and the start of #MarchMeetTheMaker! Today’s insight in to The Berkshire Housewife is #branding so I’ll tell you a little bit about it. I decided to be as honest as possible with it because you’re essentially getting 100% me, teaching you toContinue reading “March Meet The Maker”

The TikTok Pasta Recipe Is Finally Here!

The Tiktok pasta recipe (UK Version) is up! Just click this link for the most delicious and simple pasta recipe you will ever make. It’s cheap, cheerful and a family favourite so check it out and let me know what you think of the dish. Happy cooking my lovelies! 😘

Coming Soon…

I’ll be doing the video for this delicious and easy pasta dish later today so look out for the recipe tomorrow!

Joanna Bakes A Hit!

Joanna D has made magic in the kitchen by following my Macaroni Cheese recipe (link to this is here and what an absolutely fantastic job she has done! Would you look at the skills on that plate!? Joanna says she is from wonderful Wales but the awesomeness of the Macaroni Cheese has me wonderingContinue reading “Joanna Bakes A Hit!”