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Comfort On A Plate

It looks like the last of the sun will be today and then it’s rain forecast for a week or two 🌨️ and I think that comfort food is the best way to chase the chilly clouds away, and my meatloaf recipe with mushroom gravy is just what I need to warm me up! YouContinue reading “Comfort On A Plate”

What Can You Do With Leftovers?

No idea what to do with this weekend’s leftovers? Check out this video for Roast Dinner Pie Don’t forget the gravy!

March Meet The Maker Day 2 – Style

Today’s #MarchMeetTheMaker is Style! Well, my style is WYSIWYG! What you see is what you get 😂 I have decades of experience in cooking but I still have an adventure every now and again and take the viewer along with me. I hope I come across as friendly and real, because I am 😊 I’mContinue reading “March Meet The Maker Day 2 – Style”

West Indian (Trinidadian style) Chicken and Chickpea Stew

So finally the West Indian food is here! LOL I had such a crazy day but was determined to get it in so you will see me rather flustered in the video but you will get the idea anyway! This stew is so out of this world and reminds me of the stews my TrinidadianContinue reading “West Indian (Trinidadian style) Chicken and Chickpea Stew”